Custom Services

Launching or midway through an integration, migration, or implementation project? Bring us your goals and we will create a plan to achieve them.

Symphonic Source has the expertise to design a customized solution for your data quality needs. Our expert Dallas-based team specializes in CRM, as well as other leading cloud-based and on-site data applications. We’ve spent years in the CRM ecosystem and can provide best practices and lessons learned along the way.

Highlights include:

  • Dedupe/Merge as a service
  • Migrating to Salesforce CRM
  • Enrich, verify and augment data
  • Standardization


  • We provide specialized offerings for each phase of your project’s life-cycle and as a team we have a broad set of both technical and business experience. For us, it’s all about the data. The data tells a story and we start by profiling it to get a sense of the overall landscape.
  • With a profile we’re able to give you a full 360 degree view of your system(s). The best part is, this doesn’t take long. With the data profile we can help you plan out where to go from there.
  • This is our bread and butter. We’ve built entire applications around dedupe and we are able to take advantage of this proprietary technology to sniff out duplicate/incomplete records and combine them.
  • We’re big believers in fixing things once. After investing a lot in a good CRM, data begins to erode over time. Reporting suffers, people suffer and system adoption goes down. By putting a framework in place we can help you maintain the same level of data quality moving forward.
  • Sales and marketing teams are only as good as the information they have. We’ve built a framework that can go out and not only make the most out of the data you have but find more.


We stick with what we do best and are often brought in by consultants to extend their capabilities.

We can work with you to scope out the data portion of the project and perform the services on your behalf.


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