• Cloudingo, Deduplication for Salesforce, Releases Version 2.0 with Enhanced Data Cleansing Features

    Symphonic Source Inc., an independent and leading software provider of powerful and affordable data management tools, has unveiled a major update to Cloudingo, the company’s data maintenance application.

    Cloudingo is a cloud-based, deduplication, and data quality application built specifically for Salesforce. The application can quickly profile data, find duplicate or similar records, and effortlessly merge them without losing any important data or relationships. Users are able to ensure that they are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info.

    “We pride ourselves on taking into account our customers’ needs and requests, and enjoy hearing their feedback. This is why we’re thrilled to release this new version of Cloudingo which we know will meet the ongoing needs of our clients,” Chelsea Thompson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said.

    Using the input and feedback from current customers, Symphonic Source developers have now made it possible to scan across multiple objects in a single workflow using the Import Wizard. In addition multiple automation settings are now available for users to implement.

    The latest release of Cloudingo incorporates several elements to improve productivity and user experience, including:
    – Enhanced dashboard views (list or grid) with the ability to reorder filters
    – Descriptions and summary for automation rules
    – Sort columns and change column widths in the duplication display grid
    – Freeze pane in the merge grid

    “I knew we had a lot of duplicate data, but I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until I saw the Cloudingo dashboard, but now that problem is solved and my database is clean,” customer Robin Heistand, SDI said.

    Cloudingo 2.0 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange ( New users can test the product via a free trial. For current customers of Cloudingo, the update is automatic and available now.

    Symphonic Source, Inc. provides customer data quality software and services that ensure the integrity of information used by leading business applications. Their solutions enable organizations of any size to quickly and cost effectively integrate and cleanse data. Symphonic Source software is used by more than 13,000 organizations worldwide to maximize the benefits of Salesforce CRM by cleansing and eliminating duplicate data. Symphonic Source is also the makers of one of the most installed Salesforce apps, DupeCatcher.

    Symphonic Source is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is an active member of the ISV Partner Program and the Microsoft BizSpark Program.

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      (972) 241-1543

      Whitepaper Makes the Case for Managing Data with an Eye to its Quality

      Dallas, Texas, April 15, 2014 Symphonic Source, provider of data management and deduplication solutions and services for Salesforce CRM, today announced the availability of a new report on data quality.  The report, a whitepaper entitled, “Data Quality Management:  A Critical Issue for Business Intelligence,” both analyzes and argues for the importance of managing the quality of one’s data.

      “We work with customer data all day long, and it truly is the most valuable resource any organization invests in.  Our applications highlight and resolve issues in the data that most of our users have never even considered,” said Stephen Harding, Director of Marketing and Customer Service at Symphonic Source.  “Time and time again, we’ve seen extremely high rates of poor data—incomplete records, lack of standardization, high rates of duplication, and extremely old and unverified information.  Data quality must be managed to make data an efficient and effective resource with a high ROI.”

      Symphonic Source’s whitepaper, “Data Quality Management:  A Critical Issue for Business Intelligence,” can be downloaded here.

      About Symphonic Source

      Symphonic Source, Inc. delivers a full range of data management and data quality tools and services, from data cleansing, and integration, to deduplication, enabling users to realize the full potential of cloud-based and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Its mission is to provide customers with resources to manage the exponential growth in data, saving time and money and adding efficiency.  Symphonic Source’s self-serve data quality products, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio make it possible to eliminate and prevent duplicates and manage data in the Salesforce database.  Its customized data management services make it possible for small to enterprise level organizations to fully take advantage of their investment in valuable data resources.  The company is privately-held with offices in the Dallas, Texas.  For more information, visit or call 972- 241-1543.

      • Support for State and Country Pick Lists

        Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio Updated to Support Salesforce State and Country Pick Lists.

        Symphonic Source, the makers of data management and deduplication solutions, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, and Cloudingo Studio have update their applications to support’s recent release of state and country pick lists.  The new Salesforce CRM feature enables standardization of address fields using pick lists.  However the roll out of the new feature requires configuration and data conversion that can cause conflict with customizations and add-on apps.

        Symphonic Source is one of the first vendors to ensure its products fully support Saleforce’s new features as they come to market.  Support for state and country pick lists is available immediately in all current versions of Symphonic Source products.

        You can read the full press release here.

        • Cloudingo is Going to Chicago!

          cloudingo-chicago We have buddied up with the tech saavy people at Delivered Innovation to introduce Cloudingo to the Chicago Salesforce group! Swing by Delivered Innovation’s River West office on Friday, April 19th for cocktail hour, and share your Salesforce /cloud computing experiences with other members of the Chicago Salesforce community in an open, friendly environment.

          DI is known for its “Drop By DI” events, so if you haven’t made it to one yet, it’s time to get on the ball!

          This “Drop By DI” event follows the “Customer Company Tour” event on April 18th at McCormick Place. We will all be sharing what we learned, so if you’re going please share your thoughts and impressions with us, too!  Even if you don’t make it to the Customer Company Tour, c’mon over anyway, so we can fill you in on all of the latest happenings.

          When: Friday, April 19th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
          Where: 688 N. Milwaukee Ave. #202, Chicago (between Ogden and Grand)

          Go Ahead and RSVP here!!

          If you have any questions go ahead and email us at and we’ll be sure to answer them as soon as possible. If calling is your thing, just ask for Nicole at 1-972-241-1543

          See ya April 19th!

          • Faster, Easier Database Query Builder Available From Symphonic Source

            Cloudingo Studio Improves on Database Discovery and Adds SQL-Like Functions

            Symphonic Source, the makers of Salesforce deduplication applications Cloudingo and DupeCatcher, have added a new developer’s utility to their arsenal of data quality and data management tools.  Cloudingo Studio is a Windows- based database exploration app that makes query building fast and easy.  Changes can be made in real-time, queries can be saved and reopened at a later time, and results can be exported with a click of a button.

            With Cloudingo Studio, Symphonic Source makes available SOQL+, and extension of Salesforce’s own SOQL.  With SOQL+ users can run queries like SQL and have those queries translated into API calls for rapid data management in the Salesforce database.

            Cloudingo Studio is by developers and administrators for developers and administrators.  It is available at no cost from the Symphonic Source website.

            You can read the full press release here.

          • Interview from the Dreamforce 2012 Expo floor

            September 27, 2012

          • Major Improvements to Free Data Quality Tool - DupeCatcher

            DupeCatcher (real-time duplicate prevention application) just got even better. With latest improvements, DupeCatcher is now more robust.

            Dallas, TX (June 06, 2012)

            Symphonic Source proud to announce some major improvements to DupeCatcher, our real-time data deduplication tool.

            DupeCatcher has quickly become a favorite for administrators and consultants around the world to flag/block duplicate records at the point-of-entry. DupeCatcher is a preventative deduplication tool that compliments Symphonic Source’s main deduplication product Cloudingo (scans/cleans out the entire database).

            Symphonic Source tools and services are used by more than 8,500 administrators worldwide to get rid of duplicate records and keep them out of Even though DupeCatcher is free, it is still 100% supported by Symphonic Source. Our support team is one of the best in the industry and that shines through in the DupeCatcher user reviews.

            The latest improvements to DupeCatcher are centered around optimization with respect to large record sets inside Salesforce. In addition, the DupeCatcher team has made enhancements to error handling and reporting. We continue to get such great feedback from our users that we continue make improvements.

            DupeCatcher focuses on the preventative aspect of duplicate data. This is one of the of the most important aspects of any data quality management plan. Cloudingo then works in conjunction with DupeCatcher to actually analyze and clean out the “dirty data” that already exists in the system. This allows system administrators and or marketing managers to not only understand their data but plan and set goals for the future.

            “So much of what we do here at Symphonic Source is focused on the best practices of data quality management. We’ve taken our years of experience and created software to automate the steps that facilitate success and growth within a data-driven culture. Our team has a passion for data and we believe that corporate data is an organizational asset. Our customers share that passion. Anything we can do to both protect and enrich data will help our customers see and plan for the road ahead,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO, Symphonic Source.

          • Symphonic Source Announces Major Enhancements to Cloudingo: In-Line Edit & Professional Edition Support

            Cloudingo adds support for Professional Edition. In addition, Cloudingo now has in-line editing (edit multiple records) and has undergone some major performance enhancements to deliver unmatched value to administrators everywhere.

            Dallas, TX May 23, 2012

            Symphonic Source Inc., a leading provider of powerful and affordable data management software, today unveiled a major refresh of Cloudingo, the company’s data deduplication tool.

            Cloudingo has quickly become a favorite for administrators around the world to sniff out duplicate/similar records inside and merge them.

            Cloudingo aims to serve as the go-to resource for all administrators and implementation teams.The latest release of Cloudingo incorporates several elements to improve productivity and user experience, including:

            + In-line edit – You can now edit one or more records directly in Cloudingo
            + Major performance enhancements
            + Support for professional edition
            + Hundreds of other updates based on user suggestions

            “Today’s administrator is looking to achieve more with their tools than ever before. When a customer uses DupeCatcher or Cloudingo, they’re not just getting valuable tools, they’re also getting access to all the knowledge that we as a company have accumulated. We’re here to make life easier for administrators everywhere,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO, Symphonic Source.

            Cloudingo’s benefits:
            + Rich user interface allows you to view and work with your data quickly and easily
            + Insight into where the duplicate data resides in your organization and the scope
            + Cloud-based SaaS model. Just download the Cloudingo Agent (native plugin) and create an account
            + All your notes, attachments, campaigns, etc. are preserved (no data loss)
            + Merge history is maintained and can be downloaded

            “We were really surprised at how fast and easy it was to setup filters in Cloudingo and dedupe our data. I’m now actually confident in the quality and consistency of our data,” said Claudia Aslin of

          • Symphonic Source and Salesforce: Taking CRM Administration to the Cloud

            Cloud-to-cloud data quality

            October 21, 2011

            Today, Symphonic Source announced Cloudingo. Cloudingo is designed to provide a powerful cloud-based option for Salesforce deduplication. Cloudingo will serve to cleanse data that already resides in Salesforce as well as data coming from mass imports. In addition, it will improve data quality through its cloud-based automated features.

            Lars Nielsen, Symphonic Source’s CTO, noted that the benefits of cloud-based software, particularly for the CRM industry, are becoming widely accepted as the only way to go when implementing customer strategies. “The advantages of delivering and consuming applications through the cloud in contrast with on-premise software are well established. Benefits of cloud-based applications include rapid implementation, lower price points, flexibility and scalability, and a guarantee – in all cases I can think of – that customers always have access to the most current version of an application without the added expense and installation of software upgrades. While on demand applications do require customization, they don’t require the involvement of the IT department or expensive or lengthy professional services.”

            As a cloud-based solution, Cloudingo will improve data quality within’s lifecycles and database. The service is a significant move on the part of Symphonic Source as a supplier of customer service software into the foray of the cloud-based CRM industry.

          • Symphonic Source Enhances Free Salesforce CRM Deduplication App, DupeCatcher

            Latest Update Adds Dedupe Support for Person Accounts And More Robust Control of Dedupe Actions

            Dallas, Texas, May 17, 2011 – The newest version of DupeCatcher is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange for immediate installation and upgrade. DupeCatcher’s latest update now includes deduplication of new Salesforce person accounts, a special category of the Salesforce Account object focused on individuals. Organizations that use person accounts can now take full advantage of DupeCatcher.

            In the latest release of DupeCatcher, Symphonic Source has also expanded user-controlled settings. Admins have maximum flexibility so that data quality processes can best align with business operations. Features include the ability to exclude specified Salesforce logins from DupeCatcher deduplication filters, and new field matching abilities that add efficiency and accuracy to the deduplication process.

            “DupeCatcher’s development has always been driven by user input” said Stephen Harding, Director of Marketing at Symphonic Source. “I speak to users daily, and I regularly hear of the need to extend DupeCatcher’s deduplication functions beyond leads, accounts, and contacts to include person accounts. I am very happy to say that we listened, and today we’re able to deliver a more robust deduplication utility that addresses the real needs of Salesforce users.”

          • Symphonic Source Adds Features to Free Salesforce Deduplication App, DupeCatcher

            New Version Includes Override Feature and Support for Custom Fields Bringing Even Greater Control to Data Management

            Dallas, Texas, February 23, 2011 – Symphonic Source today announced it has listed a new version of its Salesforce deduplication app, DupeCatcher on the Salesforce AppExchange. Enhancements to the new version of DupeCatcher include an override function, and support for custom fields.

            With its new override function and support for user’s custom fields, DupeCatcher adds even more flexibility data cleansing and data management power. With DupeCatcher’s override feature, users now have the ability to save a known duplicate record with a click of a button, based on corporate data management policy. DupeCatcher’s support for custom fields allows users even greater flexibility in filtering on the key data fields that determine whether or not a record has been duplicated within their specific Salesforce org.

            “Listening to the challenges Salesforce users face in managing data has served us well in terms of product development” said Stephen Harding, Director of Marketing at Symphonic Source. “The rates of adoption of DupeCatcher demonstrate that data quality is both difficult and vitally important. We added override and support for custom fields because our users need these features, and we’re committed to helping them do their jobs better and more efficiently.”

          • Symphonic Source Enhances DupeCatcher Salesforce CRM Deduplication Features

            New Version Adds Merge & Convert Capability to DupeCatcher

            Dallas, Texas, January 31, 2011 – Symphonic Source today announced it has listed a new version of its Salesforce deduplication app, DupeCatcher on the Salesforce AppExchange. Enhancements to the new version of DupeCatcher include merge and convert, enabling users even greater flexibility in maintaining high data quality.

            With DupeCatcher’s merge feature, users can quickly and easily display data points from multiple like records, select updated and important information via quick radio buttons, and combine duplicates into a single, complete, and accurate Salesforce record. DupeCatcher’s convert feature gives users the ability to quickly match incoming leads to existing contacts or accounts and automatically convert the new lead to the appropriate record type.

            “Our goal is to provide Salesforce users with tools that ensure data quality because quality data is the first step in productivity, efficiency, and high levels of customer service” said Stephen Harding, Director of Marketing at Symphonic Source. “We try very hard to keep the lines of communication open with our users. We listen to their data challenges, and we try to respond quickly. DupeCatcher’s merge and convert features are a direct result of feedback from DupeCatcher users, and I’m confident those users will be excited about these additions.”

            “We’ve been using DupeCatcher in our Salesforce org for just a couple of months, and already its prevented so many duplicate records from being created” said Claudia Aslin, Director of Operations at “As the Salesforce administrator at my company, I can’t begin to describe what a challenge deduplication is. DupeCatcher has become a much-needed tool for me. Merge and convert make it even more valuable, and they give me the ability to provide necessary data to our teams here at”

            DupeCatcher is the first free real time Salesforce deduplication app. It is a 100% APEX developed and deployed managed package native to Salesforce. It is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain from the AppExchange.

          • DupeCatcher goes live on the Salesforce AppExchange

            Customers Can Now Easily Deduplicate Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in RealiTime

            Dallas, Texas, November 9, 2010 – Symphonic Source today announced it has launched DupeCatcher on Salesforce AppExchange. DupeCatcher provides real-time deduplication of Salesforce records as they are manually entered into Salesforce. This gives both users and administrators the piece of mind that they records entered are unique.

            DupeCatcher ensures that quality data is available to Salesforce users when they need it without having to sort through duplicate records containing only bits of the whole picture. Clean data adds efficiency, prevents conflicts, and enables better customer service, and leads directly to increased revenue. DupeCatcher is the first free Salesforce deduplication solution. Its availability on the AppExchange means it is easily installed in Salesforce with no software to download or maintain.

            “As Salesforce users ourselves, we know firsthand the pain of dealing with a database full of duplicate leads,” said Lars Nielsen, Director of Product Development for Symphonic Source. “Based on our own experience, and what we’d heard from customers, we knew there was a need for an easy-to-use deduplication solution. Salesforce is the leading CRM today, and we’re excited to have DupeCatcher listed on the AppExchange, where it can be quickly and easily accessed by users.”

            “DupeCatcher is a fantastic add-on tool to our CRM. We did not have an easy way to combine or delete duplicates in our Salesforce accounts and often ended up having to manually clean our database, which took up a lot of time and energy” said Claudia Aslin, Director of Operations at “We were really surprised at how fast and easy it was to set up filters in DupeCatcher. We had an automated Salesforce deduplication system running in minutes. I’m now actually confident in the quality and consistency of our data.”

            DupeCatcher is the inaugural offering from Symphonic Source. It is available now, free of charge, at the Salesforce AppExchange. Download DupeCatcher today!

          • Symphonic Source Releases Inaugural Salesforce CRM Deduplication Solution, DupeCatcher

            Software App Designed for Deduplication Needs

            Dallas, Texas, November 4, 2010 – We are proud to announce our first free Salesforce deduplication solution, DupeCatcher provides real time Salesforce deduplication of leads, contacts, and accounts from directly within the Salesforce instance.

            DupeCatcher enables users and administrators to identify and dedupe leads, dedupe accounts, and dedupe contacts as they are manually entered. Salesforce users can merge data into a single record, preventing the creation of new duplicates and maintaining established data quality standards. They can also update current Salesforce records and create new ones only when needed. Users retain full control of the Salesforce deduplication and merging processes, eliminating any fear of loss while cleansing data.

            “The bottom line for Salesforce CRM users is that they want the information they need, they want it quickly, and they want it clean and complete,” said Lars Nielsen, Director of Product Development for Symphonic Source. “Sorting through a messy Salesforce database and attempting to dedupe leads or dedupe contacts is a time consuming and painstaking process that goes against the very efficiency and productivity CRMs were designed to deliver. DupeCatcher solves this problem with its real time Salesforce deduplication features.”

            DupeCatcher was created specifically for Salesforce deduplication, and is a 100% APEX developed and deployed managed package native to Salesforce. It is installed via the Salesforce AppExchange, eliminating the need to download and maintain software. DupeCatcher is offered free by Symphonic Source.