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Cloudingo Studio is a new Windows based database explorer for You can browse your Salesforce schema, search custom objects and fields and build/test your own SOQL queries. In addition, the Cloudingo Team has extended SOQL in SOQL+ so that it performs more like SQL. Ever just wished you could do a SELECT * FROM ACCOUNTS in SOQL – now you can.













Cloudingo Studio Quick Start Guide       pdf version

  • To Install Cloudingo Studio

    1. Download the Cloudingo Studio installer and click the Run button to begin the initial installation process.

    2. Cloudingo Studio will download the installation package. Click Install to complete installation.

    3. The installation process may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Registering Cloudingo Studio

    After the installation has completed you will need to register Cloudingo Studio to get a license. A registration menu will appear after installation. (If it does not appear, try pressing Alt-Tab on your keyboard to see it, or minimize windows until you see it.)

    1. Enter your registration details, select I Agree, and click Register. After registering you will receive an email with a new license key.

    2. Enter your license key in the designated cell.

    3. Accept the license agreement, and click Validate License.

    4. You are now ready to connect to Salesforce!
  • Connect to Salesforce

    1. Launch Cloudingo Studio

    2. Open the File menu and select Connect to Salesforce.

    3. Enter your Salesforce credentials in the popup dialogue box.

    4. Click Connect and start using Cloudingo Studio for your development!