Why We’re Thrilled to Achieve 75,000 Installs

This month our company reached an exciting milestone – the 75,000th install of our Salesforce data quality applications! When we first became an ISV partner in the Salesforce ecosystem, we had no idea the effect our tools would have on improving data quality for thousands of people around the world.

How it all started

Back in 2010, we developed our first application out of necessity for ourselves. At the time we were in the midst of working on other projects, and like most Salesforce users, we were constantly digging through duplicate records, trying to guess which one was the most accurate. We were frustrated and wanted to put a stop to duplicate records entering our org. At the time there was no solution to prevent duplicates, so we developed our own.

The result was our free tool, DupeCatcher, which has consistently remained one of the most downloaded apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The huge popularity we had with DupeCatcher really got our gears moving. What other roadblocks were hindering the quality of Salesforce data? Having dozens of conversations with DupeCatcher users, we started hearing a common theme: everyone needed to get rid of existing duplicates but there was no way to do that.

In 2012 we released Cloudingo. Since its release, Cloudingo has morphed from a basic deduplication app to a robust data quality and management tool, complete with enterprise capabilities.

Why we’re celebrating this big achievement:

1. We get to talk to all sorts of people from around the world about their struggles with managing Salesforce data.

While they love the Salesforce platform and how it helps them to run their organizations, managing the data itself is not always the easiest task. The best part is speaking with data stewards after they’ve implemented our solutions. We love to hear how they’ve become real heroes within their organization and all the ways their companies have benefited from improved data quality. (And those companies do some pretty. amazing. things.)

2. Just as the Salesforce ecosystem constantly evolves and changes, we’ve adapted our technologies to change with it.

The first iteration of Cloudingo was a simple, straightforward deduplication application. It found duplicate records using flexible methods and gave users a quick and easy way to merge them. Over the years, our Cloudingo application has grown and matured to become a data management platform with import capabilities, data quality features like mass update and delete, and data enrichment functions like address validation. Most recently, the platform has been developed to manage data migrations between orgs and systems, and the Cloudingo API can be used with systems that integrate with Salesforce. And we’re not done yet. We have big plans for our future.

3. Users, we’re listening.

Our data cleansing stack has evolved primarily based on the feedback from users. We love talking to our users and we make every effort to keep lines of communication open. Most recently we rolled out templates to Cloudingo’s import wizard after hearing that users wanted an even easier, more streamlined way to upload lists to Salesforce and dedupe them.

4. A large userbase means thousands of companies trust us with their data, something we don’t take lightly.

In order to be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, every partner is subject to regular and mandatory security audits. We’re happy to say that we pass Salesforce’s rigorous security audits every year. (But regardless of this requirement, internally we perform our own security analysis to safeguard our customers even further.)

5. Over 500 positive reviews have been written for our applications by happy users on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Our mission can be summed up by one user’s review: “We’ve worked with other AppExchange vendors, and most are product purchases with varying levels of support. With Symphonic Source, though, it’s felt like a partnership, with their team invested in our success.”

6. We’re just getting started.

In our 9th year in business, we’re seeing record-setting growth each quarter as more and more customers come on board and begin working with our products and services alongside their Salesforce instances!

7. We tailor our products for the everyday user.

Salesforce administrators are typically the ones who are responsible for managing Salesforce, but that’s not always the case. Often marketers, IT personnel, and executive assistants also have a role in data quality projects.

Knowing that our userbase is diverse with varying degrees of technical skills means it’s important that our products are very user-friendly but remain functionality robust. We don’t expect our users to be data scientists.

In addition, not only do we aim to make the data cleansing as easy as possible, we also take into consideration how overwhelming the task can be, especially to those with large datasets. To accommodate the massive workload, our goal is to develop ways to make the process more efficient, like how we built templates using the most commonly used algorithms to find duplicate records in Salesforce and a step-by-step import wizard to walk users through uploading lists to Salesforce. As Alexis Grau said, ““We would need a full-time employee to do what Cloudingo does automatically.”

8. We truly have the best team, and we make the best team.

We’re all hardworking, passionate, and dedicated to helping people better utilize and improve their Salesforce data quality.

In addition, all of our employees work under one roof in Dallas, Texas. This means all divisions of our organization – development, sales, support – frequently collaborate with one another and are in constant communication.  We don’t outsource, and we don’t offshore.

9. And with 75,000 installs under our belt, we’re excited to see what the next 75,000 bring.

See why 75,000 people have downloaded DupeCatcher and Cloudingo to clean and manage their Salesforce orgs. Prevent duplicates from entering Salesforce with DupeCatcher, and remove existing duplicates and better manage Salesforce data with Cloudingo.

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