Tips to Save Time, Money and Frustrations With Your Client Communications

It’s essential to understand how your customers communicate with your business if you’re going to run a fruitful Salesforce CRM database. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it builds customer loyalty since your customers can now do business with you when, where and how they feel comfortable doing business with you. Secondly, it will allow you to put your customer facing agents at the best place for your company to do business with them. So what are the keys to great client communication?

Email, Phone, Web or Self-Service

The key to high customer satisfaction levels is for you to be open and accessible to all types of customer communication channels. These client interaction channels can include the phone, email, or the web and self-service. Interacting through these various channels enables smarter marketing, more cost effective marketing, better customer service interactions, and improved sales revenues. Your team interacts with their clients how, when and where they wish, so by catching customer source information, you can hone your marketing communication efforts better. By capturing customer’s needs and communication preferences, you can reduce cost of service and time to client resolution. In addition, by keeping the sales force focused on the right client communication strategies you will help increase sales because your team will be maximizing their time with qualified prospects rather than unqualified leads. Cloudingo can help you keep these records clean, too.

Voice Enabled CRM

Even with the increase in email, web and self-service usage, the phone is still the most commonly used communication tool. Integrating your Salesforce CRM system with your voice systems will help lower costs and improve client relations and satisfaction. With Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, you can drastically cut costs because calls are made over your existing internet plan and you may no longer be required to pay per minute. You can also boost employee productivity with voice enabled CRM features such as screen pop ups that immediately display customer & call information, or skills based routing which allows the call to be sent to the right employee the first time. Both inbound and outbound features allow marketing, sales, and customer service teams to quickly perform their client communications. Not only can you achieve greater productivity, but your clients will benefit from the voice enabled CRM features like interactive voice response systems, and automatic information updates to receive or provide information directly to your company quickly and easily.

In the end, saving money and time while improving customer loyalty can only be achieved through smart planning of your Salesforce CRM and communications systems. Use these tips to help you find the solution that best works for your company.

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