Steal this Checklist (plus our secret to an awesome Salesforce org)

It’s one of our goals for 2018: share more lessons from our in-house team of Salesforce experts.

This lesson starts with, “Ugh, our Salesforce is a disaster!” and ends with, “I wish we’d done this sooner.” (Direct quotes from my boss.) It also ends with a helpful checklist.

You may nod in agreement when I say that if you’re like me, your job is significantly easier when all the info you need is readily available, easy to access, and most importantly, accurate.

But I hit roadblocks when our Salesforce org isn’t running like a well-oiled machine. Cluttered and disorganized lead pages, dirty data, and insufficient privileges steer me off course.

So, last year we put a stop to all the chaos. The secret: periodic audits of our Salesforce org. Sound complicated? It wasn’t. We did it all in-house, four times a year, usually around a box of pizza.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Today we have more improved workflows, waste less time sifting through records, and have better decision-making capabilities.

Lucky for you, I’m sharing part of our DIY audit process. I’ve put together a list of six key areas we audit on a quarterly basis and you should too. Think of it as a Salesforce tune-up.

[Click here] to download a checklist you can use as a gauge for making sure your Salesforce org is always running at top speed and performance.

Curious for your thoughts! And in a few months, let me know what improvements you’ve seen.

By the way, if you’re struggling with data quality, like duplicates, stale records, and imports, try our highly-rated data cleansing app, Cloudingo. Plus save 10% using code CleanIn2018.*

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