Salesforce Tutorial: Creating a Custom List View

When landing on a homepage of an object in Salesforce (Lead, Account, Contact…etc), you’re met with a standard view of the records in that object. If you’re like us, you usually want to take a deeper view of your records.

In Salesforce, you can create custom List Views that give you a custom view of a particular set of data based on a criteria that you specify. Today, we’re going to show you first how to work with List Views, and then how to create new custom views of your data in Salesforce.

Displaying Records in a View:

On the homepage of an object, click the drop down menu to see the current lists you have. Once you pick a list from the menu, its records will be displayed.

Sorting View of the Records:

Once the records are displayed, you can click the heading of a column to sort the view of records accordingly. In the screenshot below, Lead records are viewed based on the most recent “Created Date.”


Create a New Custom List View:

Click the link “Create New View” next to the drop down list of the views.


In this tutorial, we will create a view of all Leads in Texas. So in Step 1, we will put “Leads in Texas” as the name of the view:


In Step 2, select “All Unconverted Leads” as the default. Then, pick the field “State” to filter the view based on State. Select “equals” as the operator and I’m going to put both “TX, Texas” to make the filter a little more inclusive.


In Step 3, select what fields of the records matching the criteria above you want displayed. We’re going to leave it as is.


In Step 4, depending on your permissions, you may not have an option for visibility. But if you do, then you have the option of making this list view visible only to you, visible to all users, or visible to specific groups of users. Then click “Save”.

As you can see, you now have “Leads in Texas” as one of the views in the drop down menu:

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