New Release Debuts for Cloudingo

Based on your feedback and requests, we’ve just released these brand new features to make getting rid of duplicates in Salesforce even easier.

Reports & Analytics

Now you can track yours and Cloudingo’s progress with our new reporting module. At a glance you can view how many duplicates were eliminated in a certain period of time, the number of records that have been converted, and how effective your automation jobs are, to name a few. You can even share your progress by scheduling the reports to me emailed to you, your boss, your team — anyone!

Duplicates in Salesforce report

New Menus

We’ve created an even cleaner dashboard by combining the array of buttons into one simple menu. At anytime you can switch between modules (like deduping, importing, data maintenance, reports) using the dropdown menu on the orange navigation bar.

dedupe Salesforce leads

More Options for Managing Data

merge salesforce recordsYou now have additional ways to handle records when viewing records side-by-side on the merge or convert grids.

Protect in Cloudingo: the record cannot be merged or updated, but will still be shown in the grids.

Hide from Cloudingo: the record will not be shown in the grids as a duplicate.

Delete from Salesforce: instantly deletes the record in Salesforce right from Cloudingo.

View in Salesforce: pulls up the record inside of Salesforce in a new window.

Test Drive

What other features are you wanting to see from Cloudingo? Let us know by taking our feedback survey. If you’re needing a way to eliminate duplicate Leads, Contacts, or Accounts that already exist in your Salesforce database, take a test drive of all of Cloudingo’s features free for 10 days.

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