New Data Migration Services and a Faster Way to Import Records to Salesforce

We’re excited to announce a new service and an update to our leading cloud-based Salesforce deduplication and data management application, Cloudingo!

Data Migration Services

We have added data migration services to our technology stack to quickly and easily move data between platforms.

As a ISV partner, our migration services specialize in Salesforce to Salesforce data transfer, however we also provide data movement to and from other systems.

Data is both a critical resource, and remarkably dynamic. Moving data between systems is complex under the best circumstances. We’ve developed technology that makes this process nearly seamless. As part of the service, our services team reviews the data source, target, and structure, then uses our proprietary technology to execute the data migration.

Rapid Import

In addition to our new services offerings, we have enhanced the data import features of our Cloudingo platform with Rapid Import. Adding automation, templates, and drag-n-drop functions to the import dedupe wizard of Cloudingo, users can now streamline the process of importing new, clean data to their Salesforce orgs. Once configured in the user-friendly UI, data admins can quickly run regular and frequent data imports, ensuring new data enters the org clean, while older data gets properly updated with current information.

The import process can be repetitive and time consuming, while also time critical. Being able to get that process running automatically with a few simple steps has transformed what Salesforce admins are able to do with new prospects.

Cloudingo is a leading dedupe and data quality resource for Salesforce users.  Its availability on the Salesforce AppExchange means it is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain, and easily connected to the Cloudingo web portal.


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