Must-Have Apps for Salesforce on the AppExchange

Most Salesforce admins rely on the Salesforce AppExchange as their third, fourth, and even fifth arm. With apps geared towards sales, customer service, IT, finance, analytics, you name it, you’re sure to find one that will help save time and increase your team’s productivity and company’s growth.

In our annual admin survey, we asked Salesforce admins which Salesforce apps make their job easier. Below are the apps that ranked at the top as must-have apps for Salesforce on the AppExchange:

Must-Have Apps for Salesforce


cloudingo - black blue with blue cloud

#1 Cloudingo

This one was the overall winner with the most votes. (Ok, full disclosure: if you don’t already know, this is one of our products, but we promise we didn’t bribe, pay, or twist anyone’s arm to vote for Cloudingo.)

Useful for: cleaning data and deleting existing dupes

If you want clean data and are tired of duplicate records ruining your data, you need to get Cloudingo. Using powerful filters you can eliminate duplicates that already exist in your Salesforce data or from mass imports. You can also merge, convert, update, delete in bulk, and schedule Cloudingo to automatically clean your data when you need.

Price: Starts at $1,096 per Salesforce instance per year

View Cloudingo on the AppExchange


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#2 Conga® Suite

Useful for: creating and sending reports

Conga’a suite of products include Composer and Courier. Conga Composer allows you to turn your Salesforce data into proposals, invoices, receipts, contracts, quotes, charts – any document or report you need, you can easily produce it. As the name suggests, Conga Courier lets you schedule and deliver reports on your Salesforce data to anyone who needs it.

Price: Composer starts at $15 per user per month. Courier starts at $1 per report per month

View on Composer on the AppExchange | View Courier on the AppExchange



#3 DupeCatcher

Useful for: preventing duplicate records

Full disclosure: this is another one of our products, and no one was steered to name it their favorite. It’s just that good!

DupeCatcher stops duplicate records from being created in Salesforce as they’re entered in real-time. You can either block the dupes or merge them with existing records using custom filters.

Price: FREE

View DupeCatcher on the AppExchange




Useful for: importing data, built right into Salesforce, allows you to easily import, export, and delete data in Salesforce. You can even schedule imports on a routine basis.

Price: FREE version. Also a $99/mo and $299/mo for more sophisticated features

View on the AppExchange


#5 DocuSign

Useful for: signing documents electronically

DocuSign is the most popular way to electronically sign documents. Besides, who has time to print documents, find a pen, sign, and wait for the ink to dry before finally scanning the document (don’t get me started on paper jams!). By the way, did you know they’re not teaching cursive writing in schools much anymore?

Price: General plans start at $10 per month

View DocuSign on the AppExchange



#6 Cirrus Insight

Useful for: syncing Salesforce with other email clients and apps

Cirrus Insight is a tool used to integrate Salesforce with Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, and more. Some of the things you can do with the app include track and save emails directly to Salesforce, create leads, contacts, and opportunities, save attachments to related objects, and sync Google Calendar and Contacts to Salesforce.

Price: Starts at $19 per user per month

View Cirrus Insight on the AppExchange


#7 Drawloop

Useful for: creating richly formatted documents in Salesforce by merging data with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF document templates.

Drawloop allows users to generate documents utilizing Salesforce and third party data within one environment. Your organization can leverage existing business rules and workflows, or create new ones in order to completely automate your document generation process and eliminate any manual intervention.

Price: Starts at $12 per user per month

View Drawloop on the AppExchange

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