How to maintain clean Salesforce data

The first puzzle piece to getting a more reliable and trustworthy Salesforce org is to clean up your existing database. But once you’ve cleaned your org, what comes next and how can you continue to keep the data clean?

Rinse and Repeat

Think about your kitchen. You don’t simply clean it up once and wait a couple weeks before doing the dishes again. It’s much easier and takes less time if you clean as you go. The more frequently you do it, the better. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dedicate a lot of time. Automate these tasks.

How is your data structured?

Another important thing to think about is your data structure. There are many techniques can employ that help to maintain and raise the level of data quality. Take picklists for example. If you have important fields that have a standardizable set of values that can be entered into that field, create a picklist. This will ensure that the values are always accurate and consistent across your entire dataset. Or think about making key fields required. If your business relies on email addresses and phone numbers, make those fields required so that as users are entering data, you are ensured that there are always values in those fields. This will eliminate the number of useless records that just take up storage space.

Use a third-party tool

Take advantage of available data cleansing tools on the Salesforce AppExchange, like ones that prevent duplicate records. Many of them are free. There are tools that will block the entry of new duplicate records from your users and point them to make updates to the existing record. These tools can help ensure that your data quality remains high going forward.

Data cleansing is a stair-step process. Keep in mind that data is a critical asset, if not the most important asset for any business which is why it’s best to put together a strategy that involves a cautious and tiered approach. As data improves, it becomes more reliable and easier to find deeply rooted problems. Those are the times when you need to be more creative and take it slow.

Data Quality Round Table

In a recent broadcast, we discussed this data myth and other Salesforce data cleansing best practices. Check out the interview below with two of our data scientists.

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