The Power of Inline Editing

Tips and Tricks - Header ImageinlineDo you utilize the convenience and power of inline editing? The inline editing feature can be found throughout Cloudingo – inside the merge grid, within converting tables, and in the Import Wizard.

An example of when inline editing can be helpful is if you have two duplicate records but you notice that all three have the wrong zip code. You can use inline editing to correct the zip code directly on the master record. Simply double-click the field, make your changes, and hit Enter. The changes will be committed once the records are merged or converted.

Breakout Box 1Now let’s say you’re working with three duplicate records that Cloudingo found, but you don’t want Cloudingo to merge one of those records; you’d rather keep it as its own individual record. However, you recognize that the company name is misspelled. Fortunately, there’s no need to lose your place or even switch back to search for the record inside Salesforce to correct the error. Using inline editing, easily type the correct name, and hit the “Just Save” button at the bottom right. Clicking this button will save changes to Salesforce without merging the records.

How much time will this Cloudingo feature save you?


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