More Filter Options and Multi-User Login Available with Cloudingo

Cleaning Salesforce data just got even better

Today we announced an update to our leading cloud-based Salesforce deduplication application, Cloudingo. The new version is available now on’s AppExchange, and includes significant new data filter enhancements, as well as a new Enterprise license bundle, which enables multiple, permissions-based logins, and provides an integration API. Cloudingo provides data cleansing and deduplication of Salesforce records, including data maintenance features like mass update or delete, and address validation and standardization.

With its new filtering enhancements, Cloudingo adds even more flexibility to data cleansing and management. Users can quickly and easily identify sets of Salesforce records to analyze, create groups of duplicate records based on field matches, and now further control the results by filtering within the groups themselves.
Cloudingo’s Enterprise bundle adds control and security to data management. With permissions-based user logins, Cloudingo admins can control who has access to which features and functions of the Cloudingo platform, and how those users are able to work with their Salesforce data. Data quality auditing and change tracking can be managed in both Cloudingo and Salesforce for compliance and security reporting.

We have also made an integration API available with Cloudingo’s Enterprise bundle. Cloudingo’s API provides enterprise customers with the ability to manage data quality from within their own systems rather than via the Cloudingo portal exclusively. For example, with full SOAP/REST support Cloudingo can be called from an internal ERP system, and respond back before duplicates ever make it to Salesforce. In addition, an outbound webhook can call the same ERP system when records are merged in Salesforce.

Our goal is to provide Salesforce users with tools that ensure data quality because quality data is the first step in productivity and efficiency. We work hard to keep the lines of communication open with our users. The latest updates to Cloudingo are a direct result of user input, and I’m confident our users will be excited about these additions. We’ve found that more and more of our customers are using Salesforce as their master data repository. By enabling an API we have been able to provide much of the functionality of a true master data management system at a fraction of the price.

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