Deduplication of Custom Salesforce Objects Just Got Easier

Dedupe custom Salesforce objects without any headaches

The most requested feature has just been added to Cloudingo, our Salesforce deduping and data cleansing tool. Now you can clean and eliminate duplicates in custom objects like Opportunities, Cases, and Products.

Previously users were limited to deduping Salesforce’s standard objects. With the new release, users now have the ability to remove duplicate data in any custom object including Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, and other user-defined objects that are a part of Salesforce overlays.

Support for custom objects is designed to expand Cloudingo’s core expertise of finding and eliminating duplicate data that currently lives in Salesforce. Users can quickly and easily identify sets of duplicate records using flexible matching criteria on any field, and now, on any object. Records are merged according to user-defined rules which can be automated to reduce hours of manual labor. Users are able to ensure that they are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info.

The need for custom object support was a high priority from Salesforce users. This new feature is a direct result of user feedback, and we are very proud to deliver. Organizations that use Salesforce custom objects are typically those with unique and complex data structures. Our goal is to provide a product that works seamlessly with any Salesforce org, no matter how complicated the configurations and data complexities may be. Extending support to custom objects not only makes Cloudingo an enterprise software, it fills a gap not met by other solutions on the market. We are pleased to meet the needs of those organizations that demand a more substantial solution.

Custom object support is an additional component to the enterprise license tier. The new version is available now on’s AppExchange. Cloudingo provides data cleansing and deduplication of Salesforce records, including data maintenance features like mass update or delete, and address validation and standardization. It’s available on the Salesforce AppExchange and is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain, and is easily connected to the Cloudingo web portal. Test out and dedupe a custom object with our free 10 day trial.

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Deduplication of Custom Salesforce Objects

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