Video: Expert Round Table Chat

If you use Salesforce as your main data warehouse, there’s a good chance that you run into roadblocks every day. Duplicate records, inaccurate information, and a foggy view of your pipeline keep you from navigating the express lane to sales and profit.

The most likely cause of your Salesforce headaches is dirty data. You’ve heard the term before, but what exactly is dirty data and how can you eliminate it?

Listen to this round table chat as two of our Salesforce experts, Stephen Harding and Beth Turicchi, discuss common data quality misconceptions and some not-so-common ways to make Salesforce data more reliable, trustworthy, and cleaner.

In this video we dig deep into:

  • What is dirty data?
  • Strategies to improve data quality
  • The biggest misconception when it comes to data cleansing
  • How to maintain clean data
  • Data cleansing tips to get you started


We gave you a lot of information and some important data cleansing tips, and we want to leave you with a way to check the health of your data for free. The first step to getting your Salesforce data on track is to understand how dirty your data is. The great thing is that there are many ways to clean and preserve the quality of your data, but Cloudingo is an easy and quick tool, and we give you a free health check when you start a trial, so give it a shot.

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