Complete Data Merging Tasks Not Natively Possible in Salesforce

New functionality has been added to Cloudingo, our cloud-based Salesforce deduplication and data management platform. Cloudingo now solves data loss and blocked merges in Salesforce orgs using multi-account/contact relationships. It is the first and only dedupe platform to solve this problem.

The issue in Salesforce

When merging contacts with different direct account relationships natively in the Salesforce platform, the account relationship to the non-master contact was lost instead of becoming an indirect relationship to the merged contacts. Further exacerbating this problem are redundant relationships between account and contact records. In the Salesforce UI, attempting to merge two contacts that are indirectly related to the same account, or attempting to merge two accounts that are indirectly related to the same contact, the merge is blocked and throws an error requiring the redundant relationship be manually removed before the merge can proceed.

Cloudingo’s new functions solve these problems

Using Cloudingo’s powerful merge capabilities, redundant relationships no longer cause a merge to fail, nor require manual intervention, and correct direct and indirect account/contact relationships are maintained.

“The relatively new multi-account/contact relationship structure in Salesforce is incredibly useful, however, before we added this new function to Cloudingo, it meant customers had to choose between dirty data, or risk losing important relationships when cleaning data,” said Beth Turicchi, Head of Enterprise Customer Service at Symphonic Source. “This issue first came to my attention from a very frustrated customer, and I quickly realized we needed to come up with a solution. I’m proud of the fact the Cloudingo has solved this problem in a seamless and elegant way when no other vendors have been able to do so.”

Try Cloudingo for free

Cloudingo is our flagship application, and a leading dedupe and data quality resource for Salesforce users. Give it a try free for 10 days. Its availability on the Salesforce AppExchange means it is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain, and easily connected to the Cloudingo web portal.

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