Cloudingo to Get Sweet New Features!

Yesterday we announced that some big changes are coming to our increasingly popular Salesfore de-duplication app, Cloudingo. While we can’t tell you what the changes are yet (you’ll have to wait for Dreamforce 2012 for that), we can tell you that some of the features in the new release you will definitely want, especially when it comes to streamlining your de-duplication process (hint, hint!!).

Let’s get personal for a second. We adore our users. We cherish the relationships we share because, like them, we’re strapped for time and every second counts in this busy experience we call life. So, we get it. When our users are bogged down with duplicate records, we want to make their lives easier by offering a product we know will help them out! It was a no-brainer for us when we started developing these new features that we wanted to offer them at a discounted rateĀ  so new users could jump on board and benefit from all our hard work!

Having said that, until SeptemberĀ  17th, 2012 we are offering our Standard Cloudingo package at 20% off and also giving you all the new features after their release at Dreamforce 2012 for FREE!

We are so proud of our work, and we sincerely hope all of our new features will save our users time and possible headaches when de-duplicating their Salesforce CRM database. Stay tuned for more info as we gear up for release at Dreamforce 2012!

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