Cloudingo New Features!!

We’ve done it folks- we’ve finally released the latest version of Cloudingo! For those of you that weren’t able to see our launch at Dreamforce, Cloudingo now includes an amazing new automation engine for auto merging and mass merging. Imagine a world where you could wake up in the morning and see that all of your duplicate leads that were entered from various data systems, spreadsheets, and unruly coworkers are completely gone! Well, it’s not a dream anymore! Set your mind at ease knowing that your reports are accurate and you can confidently launch today’s email campaign without the fear of being blacklisted by your customers for accidentally blasting them with 4 emails of the same content!

With the new automation features you can completely control how Cloudingo will merge your duplicates, choose the master record, and/or override any specific field. Have multiple phone numbers and emails that you’d like to keep across all of the records? Cloudingo will create a note within the final merged record to preserve all specified fields so that you never lose any information that is imperative to your business. You can also schedule and throttle all of the merging processes so that Cloudingo will be making all of its changes at a time that best suits your business needs. You are also able to set the number of API calls that Cloudingo uses to clean out your data as fast as possible.

Cloudingo’s automation engine is now included in the Standard license, but we’ve found a way for everyone to try it for FREE- that’s right FREE- in our 10-day trial. With this trial you can see a full scan of your data, set your customized rules, use mass merging and auto merging, and build as many filters as you’d like.

We’re obviously pretty proud of our latest release of Cloudingo and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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