Cloudingo and Marketo Integration – Get rid of duplicates in Marketo and Salesforce

As a marketer, it would be impossible to overestimate the importance of clean, quality data. When you’re using two systems, a CRM like Salesforce and a marketing automation platform like Marketo, to manage your marketing and lead generation, it is critical the two can work in tandem. There is a significant financial, legal, and reputational cost to bad, duplicated data.  We’re proud to say our development team has provided us with a way to solve the problem, control those costs, and get rid of duplicates in Marketo.

We’ve added support for deduplication of data synched to Salesforce from the leading marketing automation platform, Marketo. The new feature, part of our recently announced enterprise license tier, is the latest enhancement to Cloudingo’s integration API. The new version is available now on’s AppExchange and Marketo’s LaunchPoint. Cloudingo provides data cleansing and deduplication of Salesforce and Marketo records, including data maintenance features like mass update or delete, and address validation and standardization.

de-duping Marketo records
Using Marketo without Cloudingo

Cloudingo’s support for Marketo is designed to prevent the creation of new duplicate records in Salesforce when pushed from the Marketo platform. When a new record is created in Marketo, the Cloudingo webhook checks the record against those in the Salesforce org based on user-defined filters and field value matches. Instead of creating duplicates, existing records can be updated while unique records get inserted into Salesforce. Any duplicates that may exist in Salesforce can be merged and synched back to Marketo, keeping both systems aligned. Cloudingo further adds flexibility to Marketo’s default lead score handling—marketers are no longer limited to summing the scores of merged records, but instead can now choose to preserve the score of the master record. Addresses of records coming from Marketo can be validated and standardized, and account data can be appended to Marketo from Salesforce.

sync Marketo and Salesforce
Using Marketo with Cloudingo

Cloudingo is our flagship application, and a leading dedupe and data quality resource for Salesforce users.  Its availability on the Salesforce AppExchange and Marketo’s LaunchPoint means it is easily installed in a Salesforce org with no software to download or maintain, and easily connected to the Cloudingo web portal.

Click here to learn more about deduping Marketo records using Cloudingo.

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