A Comparison of Salesforce De-duplication Tools, DupeCatcher and Cloudingo

The issue of duplicate data; whether it be leads, contacts, or accounts, is definitely nothing new to the CRM community. These duplicates can make their way into our CRMs in a variety of ways:

  • internal system integration
  • onboarding mistakes
  • data imports
  • lead generation sites
  • human beings (users) making simple mistakes.

It can be both maddening and a time-consuming effort to cleanup duplicate data when the problem becomes so prolific. Users may be creating new dupes while integrated systems are doing the same, but doing so autonomously and unseen. It’s sort of like trying to mop a floor while wearing muddy shoes – the task never ends. As a Salesforce administrator, trying to remedy all this duplicate data through the Salesforce merge feature would be a near impossible task (especially given the three item merge limitation). Most administrators would just give up here, wave the white flag, and hope that the problem escalates itself enough to justify a rescue team (consultants). As the old adage goes, Denial ‘aint just a river in Egypt – and pretending the dupes don’t really exist will only allow them more time to procreate and overpopulate.


If you have spent any time searching the AppExchange for dedupe tools, you have surely come across our very popular (and free) tool, DupeCatcher. This clever, native Salesforce application helps catch, report, block, and/or merge duplicates from data being entered manually by users in real-time.

Think of it as the big burly bouncer that checks the guest list making sure only the “right” people get in. He stops the record in question and asks you “Hey, wanna let this guy in?”

And since I am already going with this analogy, let’s say the guest lists are really filters that you setup for leads, contacts, and accounts to help identify how to match a duplicate. This could be anything from email address, phone number, names, or other fields that if the values are the same or similar would cause you to throw a red flag and say “aha! – that is a dupe!”

DupeCatcher has several rich features allowing you to customize how it behaves so that it can work in the way that best fits your environment. It may sound simple, but it’s a hugely powerful tool that is a must-have tool for any Salesforce org – just read the reviews in the Salesforce AppExchange!


So we have established that DupeCatcher is a gate-keeper of sorts (or to use my analogy, a bouncer) that helps report, prevent, and resolve duplicates when they are “caught” trying to make their way into the system by users (real-time data entry). Now, you may be asking yourself – “So what about all that filthy data that already got into my Salesforce database through the back door and has been piling up over the years?” Well my friend, there is a tool for that! Enter the most intelligent, intuitive, and advanced cloud-based deduping software that is amazingly simple to use, Cloudingo!

Cloudingo is a powerful cloud-based solution that works with your Salesforce organization to perform deep cleaning of duplicates in your database. It works by partnering with the Cloudingo “agent” that is installed in your production or sandbox org. Once you have an account setup on the Cloudingo server, you connect Cloudingo to the agent and sit back while the software deep dives in and profiles your data using out-of-the-box filters and our sophisticated matching technology.

Once the initial data profiling is complete, you will be presented with a dashboard containing summary information of how many duplicate groups/records were found. From here, you can drill-down into any of these filters to see a summary of each group and begin merging. Unlike the three item limit for merging in Salesforce, you can merge over 100 rows at a time! The Cloudingo merge screen can be customized to show only the data that is important to you. You can customize the order in which that data appears and how it is sorted. YOU CAN EVEN EDIT and SAVE DATA IN THE MERGE GRID!  Want to catch even more dupes? Filters can be configured to use different matching methods and even be scheduled to run at various times.  Build a filter that’s right for you. (To start a trial of Cloudingo or read more visit www.cloudingo.com)

The Dynamic Duo

So returning to my earlier analogy, we have DupeCatcher who is the bouncer of our chic club. He keeps a handle on records trying to sneak their way in the front door. That is, data entry from your users (like a good bouncer he is checking ID, reporting problems to the boss, merging records, kicking out, overriding the guest list etc.)  So DupeCatcher is the gate-keeper, but Cloudingo – well, that is the main attraction! Cloudingo is the rock star that will really make your venue shine! He dives deep into your data and performs sophisticated matching techniques to  truly sniff the dupes out. Then offers you feature rich tools to take care of the problems. Amazing, simple, fast!

You are really going to love this combo!

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