80 Thousand Duplicates? No Problem for Cloudingo

We’ve been barking up a storm around here lately about data quality.  About its importance to your bottom line and about how it improves accuracy and efficiency.  All that sounds great, right?  And we know that you know that you really should be worried about your data quality, but how many of you keep putting it off because it’s too daunting a task.  And besides, just because us Symphonic Source dogs say data quality is important, how do you really know?

Well I want to tell you about one of our DupeCatcher and Cloudingo users that we helped because I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done.

The company, TeachAway, is an organization that recruits and places teachers in international assignments.  Because of the temporary nature of their placements, their Salesforce database is huge with tons of new data regularly coming into the org.  The admin of their Salesforce org was charged with a critical restructuring of their data.  In prepping for the project, which consisted of converting thousands of records from one type to another, the admin realized that data quality was really low (woof).

Turns out, there were thousands (yes you’re reading that correctly—thousands—like 80 thousand plus) duplicates.  Because of the nature of their business and the way prospective teachers express interest and apply to the program, duplicate records, it turns out, are a big and ongoing problem.  And it didn’t make sense for our poor admin to convert 80 thousand unnecessary records.  What was he to do?  Cloudingo to the rescue!

We spent some time talking to TeachAway to understand the current state of their data and what their goal was.  We actually spent more time talking about the project than it took to actually run an analysis with Cloudingo.  Ten minutes after set up with Cloudingo, TeachAway could see where all their duplicates were (yes, all 80 thousand) and could quickly merge them.  Within 12 hours, the entire database was clean and the conversion process could begin, unimpeded and efficiently.  So not only were we able to help raise the level of data quality, we facilitated a major restructuring of that data and implemented new data management procedures to keep data quality high.

In the words of TeachAway, “Without Cloudingo, there wouldn’t have been any other way for us to do it.”  I think we deserve a treat!

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