5 Ways to Customize Grids in Cloudingo

Tips and Tricks - Header ImageTo make it easy for you to rapidly work through your duplicate groups, we made the merge grid display customizable. Here are five techniques that you may not know exist inside Cloudingo.


1. Sort and reorder fields

Arrange your records from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. Using the Field Ordering & Style menu option you can also completely rearrange the order in which the fields are displayed by dragging and dropping the field names into place.

2. Hide and bold fields

Field labels can be bold and hidden to make the display easy to read and relevant to use.

3. Collapse empty rows

Rows of fields with no (empty) values can be hidden using this check box. Hiding rows of empty fields enables Cloudingo to display more date within a single screen.

4. Set the column width default

Users can define the default column width used in the merge grid display. This function is useful for times when values or column headers might be long and run beyond the viewable space.

5. Fixed columns and rows

Set the number of columns and rows to remain frozen when scrolling through the grid. This feature can also be activated by dragging the gray bar that appears to the right of the Merge Preview column.


Just one of the many Cloudingo features and techniques that help you manage your Salesforce duplicates.

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