3.6 Million Tech Jobs…and No One To Fill Them?

Data Quality and Cloud Computing aren’t the only sectors hungry for skilled employees. The jobs are there, but where are the people?

Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner was quoted as saying, “I would posit that at least one major driving factor [in the job gap] is… the pace with which technology and innovation is now accelerating. We are outstripping our ability to educate and train the existing workforce.” at the Bay Area Council 2012 Outlook Conference a few months back. Does this surprise any of us? We all know that the US economy isn’t doing so great, but have you considered the fact that maybe, just maybe our workforce isn’t trained to fill the some 3.5 million jobs available in the states?

So how can we equip our workforce and fill the gap? Weiner suggests a multi-legged approach: beef up the education system, simplify the movement and emigration process for highly skilled people, and invest more in digital infrastructure here in the US. Watch Weiner’s presentation at the Bay Area Outlook conference and let us know if you think Jeff’s plan can help the Cloud Computing and Data Quality sectors.

Weiner’s Presentation

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