We deliver a full range of Salesforce data quality tools and services, from data cleansing, integration/migration, to deduplication, enabling users to realize the full potential of Salesforce. That’s a long-winded way of saying that we’re really passionate about data in the cloud and making people and companies more productive. In particular, we have a special place in our hearts for Salesforce administrators and those companies who want to get the most out of Salesforce!

Data Quality Tools

Interested in scanning your entire Salesforce instance for duplicate or similar records? We’ve created some of the most well-respected and most-downloaded data quality tools in the Salesforce ecosystem. With Cloudingo, you can connect, scan and dedupe your entire Salesforce instance in no time. Try Cloudingo for free and see how easy it is to sniff out the duplicate data inside Salesforce that is zapping your productivity.

Cloudingo Cloudingo Studio DupeCatcher

Data Quality Services

We offer a full suite of services around data quality, dedupe, integration and migration. With services ranging from a one-time cleanup to a full data migration to Salesforce, we speak data.  In addition, our team can work with you to implement the Cloudingo API to dedupe/sync data across disparate systems and databases.

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